We’re excited to host you once again at The Blades for an Open Field off site, with a bit of a  difference.

This module is going to teach, embody and practice the basics of taking care of our personal state – both physiological and mental – as the fundamental requirement for becoming a consciously ‘Evolving Human Being’.

We are deliberately establishing a different rhythm to your three days with regular sessions of mindfulness and reflection, a slightly different approach to our eating, some slower-paced sessions and a more leisurely dress-code.

There are three substantial sessions addressing some of the major obstacles to a clear and calm internal state: stress, shadow and stories. These will be presented by our Lockstep team, giving you the chance to engage more deeply with each person throughout the module. We also have four truly remarkable speakers who bring very particular and personal expertise to the question of what we need to do to massively advance ourselves.

We trust you’re going to gain inspiration and insight, enjoy some delicious and wholesome meals and, above all, take home some practiced tools for paying high quality attention to your inner state.