OPEN FIELD  | Module Summary – 2018

Module One : 13 – 15 March 2018

Worldview – A journey [“Not so fast”]

Our view about the world begins forming well before we are born. While we may crystallise these from the moment we interact with others, they are influenced by many generations of cultural, religious and other influences. During this module, we will have the chance to examine our own and others worldview, exposing ourselves to alternative ways of thinking and the discussing how our worldview may or may not be an unchangeable, intrinsic part of ourselves.

Module Two: 24 – 26 July 2018

Phenomenal Teams [“Super-human”]

A distinguishing element of being human is our ability to coordinate in large groups, adapt to changing circumstances and accomplish together what we couldn’t individually. We’ll take a look at the very best of what the world has to offer on high-performing teams from disciplines of entrepreneurship, fund management, sport, astro-physics and within the Halls Group. All of this so that we can stand on the shoulders of giants and human progress.

Module Three : 26 – 30 November 2018

Going Global [“Accelerator”]

The world is on a precipice. More people than ever are saying we’re doomed: rising temperatures, ecological degradation, etc. Simultaneously, more people than ever are saying there is no better time to be alive and that the future is full of hope and abundance: free energy, economic opportunity, access to global markets, etc. What is our view?

At the bottom of Africa, SA has 56 million people and $300B GDP. Or, 1% of the world’s population and 0,3% of global GDP (±$80T). The global economy will grow by 3.1% in 2018 and SA’s economy will grow at 1.1%.

This offsite, we’ll break our mould, venture into unusual territory and experience and explore what it might take to think, feel and act globally and at scale.