OPEN FIELD  | Module One – 2018


Worldview, thought and choice: A vital enquiry

We’re excited to host you once again at The Blades for an Open Field off site. Our team of Rowan, George, Angela, Nku and Carryn are preparing to welcome you to another interesting and expanding module.

Our decisions and actions have consequences further than we are sometimes aware. They stem from our understanding of what we believe is real and important. As we know, what is real and important for one is not the same for another. But, why? This module is about enquiring into the architecture of our own beliefs, learning about others’ beliefs and exploring the practical implications for everyday moments.

As a starting point, we invite you to enjoy this light hearted comic from The Oatmeal – it is orientated towards Americans, but the concept of our beliefs is worldwide.

You are not going to believe what I am about to tell you


Day 1: Tuesday, 13 March 2018

From 13h00 Arrival at The Blades

Our conference venue today is The Temple.

A light finger fork lunch will be available at the Temple from 13h30. We will be starting the module program at 14h00.


Time:                14h00 – 15h00

At the start of a new ‘year’ of Open Field, we’ll take a short while to reset intentions, take a view of the year head including our Indian trip later in November, and set our collective course. Pete will touch on the Leadership Principles, which have been extended into the organisation more broadly and some coming actions that will deepen the impact of the Leadership Principles into the organisation. Rowan will discuss the composition of the Lockstep team that will serve the Open Field program, and the various elements that make up the broader program.


Why this module is important

Time:                15h00 – 15h30

Angela starts us off with a conversation about what makes worldview important and how each of us may react to questioning our deep-seated belief systems.

Tea:                15h30 – 16h00


Bringing in the Science of it all

Time:                  16h00 – 17h00

Our guest speaker, neuroscientist Etienne van der Walt, is familiar to many of you as a previous guest in 2017. Etienne shares with us his deep knowledge on the relationship between our thought processes and our engagement with the world.

** Please take some time to look at the speaker biographies on the Open Field website

A time to look inwards

Time:                  17h00 – 17h15

A time for group reflection

Some downtime

Time:                  17h15 – 18h15


A conversation with Rabbi Sa’ar Shaked and Mr Jonathan Cook

Time:                  18h15

Location:          The Restaurant

Our two panelists this evening represent two different religious beliefs – Judaism and Christianity as well as their area of common ground, that of being human! They will each share their retrospective personal journey with Worldview as well as how they and their communities/congregations find a way to live in congruence with their respective paths. Following their prepared contribution, there will opportunity for questions and answers.

** Please take some time to look at the speaker biographies on the Open Field website.


Day 2: 14 March 2017, Wednesday



Time:                  07h00 – 08h15

Location:           Restaurant


A time to be mindful

Time:                   08h15 – 08h30

Venue:                The Temple

We’ll be starting the day with practising the observation of our thoughts.


The History of Thought

Time:                           08h30 – 09h45

We will experience a personalised interview with Senior UCT Philosophy Lecturer Gregory Fried, created specifically for this occasion. He has left us with some questions that themselves come straight out of the big leaps in thought across the ages. We’ll chew on these and examine their relevance today.



Time:                           09h45 – 10h15


Some contemporary worldviews

Time:                           10h15 – 11h15

Venue:                         The Temple

This is an opportunity to engage with some contemporary worldviews which we may not be exposed to in our own circles. While having knowledge of your Enneagram profile is not compulsory, we will be referring to the Enneagram during this part of the program.

Let’s see this in action

Time:                           10h15 – 11h15

The wonderful thing about a debate is that, to be persuasive on the topic at hand, just believing something to be true isn’t enough. Get ready to participate, as a speaker or thought contributor, for or against your existing beliefs, on one of today’s most contentious topics, namely the use of animal food products.


Time:                           12h15 – 13h30

Time:                           The Pool

As we’re sure this topic will stir up some conversations and questions, we’re extending lunch so you can deepen your conversations on your worldviews with your colleagues.

My own worldview

Time:                           13h30 – 15h30

Time:                           The Temple

It’s time to workshop your own worldview taking into account the history of your own thought, your learnings from Greg Fried, what your responses to the 5 questions asked to our video participants might be, as well as your experience during the debate and over lunch.


Time:                           15h30 – 16h00

A journey into no-thought

Time:                           16h00 – 17h00

Join facilitator Lukasz Staszak who will use sound as a way to help us experience the possibility of distancing ourselves from our habitual thoughts

Some downtime

Time:                           17h00 – 18h30

Dinner and some competition

Time:                           18h30

Venue:                         The Regatta

We all think differently, have different knowledge and approach the world in our own unique way. We’ll be having a short competition to showcase this in a fun and entertaining way before enjoying a relaxed meal together.

Day 3: 15 March 2017, Thursday

As we are finishing at 13h00 today, we will be having more short breaks for a quick snack rather than a set large meal. A meal will be available after the program is completed. Please manage your energy accordingly.


Time:                           07h00 – 08h15

Venue:                         Restaurant

Ethics and the Law

Time:                           08h15 – 09h45

Venue:                         The Temple

Providing moral leadership is being sounded as a rallying call to Business in South Africa given recent affairs. But what is it to be a moral leader? A broad topic, a significant part of which is how we live by and uphold the law in our country? How do we be the moral antithesis of the corrupt? This morning we are joined by Yvonne Wakefield, founder partner of Law Firm Caveat Legal, to unpack this significant topic.


Time:                           09h45 – 10h00

Navigating an expanded worldview

Time:                           10h00 – 11h00

What does it take to shift our internal beliefs? Here we’ll examine some more practical ideas for exploring a new way of looking at the world.


Time:                           11h00 – 11h15

Making sense of this in my world

Time:                           11h15 – 12h00

We are joined remotely by Giles Goodhead who will inject his balance of lightness and intensity into this topic.


Check out & close

Time:                           12h00 – 12h30


High Tea

Time:                           12h30 – 13h00

We have purposefully ended a short while before our agreed time of 13h00 so that you have time to connect as a group over a meal before we all travel onwards to our next destination.

A few administrative matters:


Please check out of your hotel rooms before joining the conference on the final morning

Dress Code:

Our usual casual and relaxed approach to dress applies at this module.

Please bring your yoga mat as we will be using it through the process.