India 2018

INDIA – 2018

We are just one month away from travel to Mumbai and the excitement is building! The Lockstep team, in conjunction with our international partners Leaders Quest, is in the process of finalising a diverse Indian experience for you and we’re certain you’ll all have a meaningful and impactful third module of the year.


We believe in using the right expertise for the area we’re in and have worked with Leaders’ Quest in various locations around the world. You can read a little more about the team we’ll be working with here  Rowan, Jayma and Daniel will be your lead facilitators with Angela joining the team for the main workshops. Alisha will be filling the on-site logistics role. Alisha is resident in Mumbai and knows all the ‘in’s and outs’ of the city – she’s a great person to ask about the latest shopping spots, give advice on how to haggle like a local, and share her knowledge on excellent tourism destinations to visit.


Over the next few weeks, there will be high levels of communication outlining the program and what to expect and we’ll need your timeous contributions to make this process an easeful one for everyone.


As always, we’ll be keeping some things a surprise so you get the full experience without any expectations.


To start off, we’re needing some details from you. Many of you have given this to us before, but there are quite a few new faces on this Open Field module, so we need all of you to update the attached forms. There are also some questions here which will help us curate some of the content so please give this form some consideration time.


India Survey


One form for each person traveling please.

While some details may be the same, there are some questions that each person needs to consider and answer for themselves.


Please complete this form by Thursday 1st November.


All our correspondence will be channeled through the website so you have one place to find everything you need. We will mail you each time there is an update so you know to check in.


What we’ve updated for you now


Meeting the Leaders Quest team

An Introduction to India

Weather and what to wear

Your location: The Shalimar Hotel


What you can expect from now


There will be two more set communications from us regarding the actual program. We may be in touch about other logistics as well, but these are the two key updates you need to be aware of regarding the actual program.


Making your choices


We’ll be updating the website with details of the actual program with a very time sensitive response needed from you.



The programme is crafted with a wide range of experiences for each day. We will be divided into three groups (or ‘streams’, as we will refer to them) and embark on visits to meet front-line change makers, social entrepreneurs and business leaders. The leaders, their organisations as well as themes of the day will be outlined for you so you can make an informed choice of who you’d like to engage with each day.


There are three options of visits – we ask for your top two choices for each day and we’ll make every effort to ensure that we’re able to match you to your preferred choices. As you can imagine, we need a fairly even split across the groups so you may not get all your first choices.


On each day there will also be engagement as a group to share our learnings, reactions and surprises. Partners do not have to make the same choices and we’ll offer some guidelines for decision making when we share the full programme.


We will give you a few days to make these choices so please set some time aside to consider this. The details will be sent to you during the week of the 12th November.

Your Itinerary


A few days before the 26th November, you will each receive the programme outlining your confirmed groups each day, timings and where you need to meet. This will come from the Lockstep team – so expect an email from Carryn around about this time. In an effort to save paper, we recommend having this downloaded and easily available on your mobile phone, or you’re welcome to print yourself a copy and bring it along.




We may be in touch with you separately regarding your specific hotel bookings and airport transfers so please keep an eye out for those emails too.


For any questions, the key contact person before departure is Carryn – – she will either help directly, or refer you to the correct person.


Thank you everyone, please let us know if you have any questions.