What to wear



Here is the current forecast for your week in Mumbai. Although November is the start of the winter season, there is not much seasonal temperature fluctuation in Mumbai with the rainy monsoon season typically taking place in July & August. Naturally the specifics of this forecast can be expected to change, but you’re looking at hot and sunny days throughout your time in India.

What to wear

As with all Open Field events, dress code is casual throughout the programme.

Although it is warm, closed shoes are recommended for walking around Mumbai.

Loose cotton clothing is ideal for the hot Mumbai weather. We recommend that women cover their shoulders (or carry a scarf) and wear trousers or skirts/dresses below the knee when out on visits, in keeping with local customs. Men are recommended to wear lightweight shirts/t-shirts with jeans or chinos. No shorts outside of the hotel please!

While there is no formal dress code, you’re welcome to dress up for dinners should you wish to.

Please bring sunscreen and a hat if you are sensitive to the sun. Please remember to bring comfortable footwear – there’ll be some walking throughout the programme. We also recommend bringing mosquito repellent and a light layer as office buildings tend to have strong air conditioning.